Raja Ampat: Tambora Last Minute Specials

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Price: From USD 3704

Travel between: 25 Sep 19 to 21 Nov 19

Book between: 01 Sep 19 and 08 Nov 19

Different 12 night itineraries

Save over US$ 400 on the Tambora's last minute specials on a 12 Night dive cruise throughout Raja Ampat

The SMY Tambora always has a bunch of last minute specials across its wide variety of itineraries.

25-Sep – 7-Oct 2019 | Beneath Cliffs & Cloves US$3,704  (was US$4,630)

10-22 Oct 2019 | Sapphire Seram Seas | US$3,816 (was US$4,770)

25-Oct – 6-Nov 2019 | Planet Pelagic | US$4,405 (was US$4,895)

9-21 Nov 2019 | The Blue Asylum | US$4,405 (was US$4,895)


Tambora beneath cliffs and cloves itinerary

25-Sep – 7-Oct 2019 | 12 Nights | Special price US$3,704 (was US$4,630)

Beneath Cliffs & Cloves: South Halmahera & Raja from Ternate to Sorong.

The first part of the cruise takes place in South Raja Ampat diving the black sand beaches of Batanta, searching for critters like seahorses, ghost pipefish, and nudibranchs. This itinerary goes all the way around the south coast of Misool and to the island of Pele, with some of the best coral reefs in the world teeming with fish. The second part of the cruise is around the sprawling island of Halmahera. The current swept capes of the south coast produces some great fish action; West Bacan provides some great muck diving; the island of Kasirutu and the Goraici archipelago provide steep walls, colorful reefs, large schools of reef fish as well as a good chance of encountering some pelagics.

SMY Tambora liveaboard sapphire seram sea itinerary

10-22 Oct 2019 | 12 Nights | Special price US$3,816 (was US$4,770)

Sapphire Seram Seas: South Raja Ampat & Banda Sea from Sorong to Ambon

First stop on the itinerary is Sagewin Strait for a day of critter diving in the bays of Batanta. Next stop is the labyrinth of islands, islets and rocks east of Misool with its prolific coral reefs, big schools of reef fish and manta rays. Onward via Koon Island, in the Seram Laut group, where, strong currents from the depth create an environment that attracts feeding fish, big and small, to the Banda archipelago, a volcanic mini-archipelago rising out of 5,ooom of water. The itinerary ends with some of the best muck diving in Ambon Bay.

SMY Tambora liveaboard pelagic planet itinerary

25-Oct – 6-Nov 2019 | 12 Nights | Special price US$4,405  (was US$4,895)

Planet Pelagic: Banda Sea from Ambon to Saumlaki

The itinerary starts with some great muck diving right in Ambon Bay, before heading along the South coast of the island, diving cavernous walls with healthy soft coral coverage. The itinerary visits a diverse range of terrains: the Banda islands – a volcanic mini-archipelago rising out of 5,ooom of water; the lagoon of Run and Ai islands; the fabled islands South East of Seram, collectively known as Seram Laut where strong currents and up-swellings produce an incredible richness of fish, including barracudas, giant trevally, and dogtooth tuna among many others.

SMY Tambora liveaboard blue asylum itinerary

9-21 Nov 2019 | 12 Nights | Special price US$4,405 (was US$4,895)

The Blue Asylum: Southeastern Banda Sea from Saumlaki to Tual

The circle-like itinerary through the southeastern Banda Sea surrounding the Kei Islands offers some of the most extensive and intact coral reef systems Indonesia has to offer, with steep walls and gentle sloping formations. Fish life is abundant, with large schools of reef fish as well as frequent sightings of large pelagic fish, including big schools of yellowtail and grey barracuda, giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, white and black grey reef sharks, thresher sharks, huge napoleon wrasses.

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