Diving: Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

With itineraries throughout the Mergui Archipelago Myanmar (Burma) the MV Smiling Seahorse liveaboard represents a great opportunity to dive some of the regions least explored dive sites.


The Mergui Archipelago consists of more than 800 islands in the Andaman Sea of southern Myanmar (formerly Burma). Diving the southern Mergui Archipelago takes places from liveaboards that operate out of Thailand – notably Ranong and Khao Lak.

The islands are characterised by limestone and granite, and have extensive coral reefs around them.

The archipelago’s virtual isolation from most of mankind’s influence on the natural environment has enabled the islands and surrounding waters to retain a great diversity of flora and fauna, including endangered megafauna such as whale sharks and dugongs.

There are a number of quite different dive sites ranging from muck diving in the south to pelagic pinnacles in the far north. Some trips head as far north as the Great Western Torres Islands – taking 10 nights to cover the round trip, stopping at 10 different islands all providing different diving.

Dive Thailand and Myanmar aboard MV Smiling Seahorse Liveaboard image by Franck Fogarolo

All photo credits for the Mergui Archipelago: Franck Fogarolo and the MV Smiling Seahorse.


The Mergui Archipelago is in the Andaman Sea adjacent the southern tip of Myanmar, accessible from Liveaboards from Thailand.